River City Riders


The idea of dressing up as riders in miniature horses was borrowed from a performance observed at a local County Fair in Clark County, Washington.  In the fall of 1994 some of the "River City Dancers" club decided to fabricate and dance with their miniature horses just for fun.  After a few local performances the interest faded and was forgotten.  In the fall of 2001 someone saw one of the "old" horses and the interest was reborn.  There were limited performances.

Newer and better horses were then fabricated in the spring of 2008 and the River City Riders under their caller, Les Seeley's guidance, performed at local Special Dances, State Festivals and various open houses, etc..  During a performance in the summer of 2008 at the USA West Convention in Pendleton, Oregon, the group was invited to perform at the 58th National Convention in Long Beach, California.  Since accepting that invitation, the group has also performed at the 59th National Convention at Louisville, Kentucky, then followed that up with performing at the 61st National Convention in Spokane once again earning the distinction of "Top Horse".  2013 saw them perform at the 62nd National Convention in Oklahoma City, OK, providing their fun moves and positive acton bringing joy to all.  2014 River City Riders made an appearance at the 63rd National Convention in Little Rock, Ark. with  5 performances--once again their action was enjoyed by all.  In 2015 The Riders went on a ride to Helena, Montana for the USA West Square Dance Convention performing on the way and then at the Convention ending up with 7 performances in all.  It was a fun ride and the action was great!

Our group performs with a 6 couple square (or a 4 couple square) with their caller, Jim Hattrick  designing & calling the pattern making this all possible with his excellent guidance.  In 2014 Jim included the hexagon in the RCR's pattern making it even more intricate.  In 2018 Jim did a 4 couple pattern called, "Long Tall Texan" that includes A1 moves.  Many thank you's to Jim, he's made this gallop possible.
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