River City Riders

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We are ready and willing to perform for your events just need the space to do this, please contact us at the number below if you would like a demo from this fun group!

This is a fun activity that requires dedication to practice & perform when needed. (Using plus & hexagon moves)  We realize that everyone is not available all the time so exceptions happen.  We are looking forward to traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, Boise, Id, this year, we have already been to Kansas City, Missouri, Reno, Nevada, Des Moines, Iowa, & Pocatella, Id,  CA, Kentucky, Washington, Oklahoma, Arkansas &  Montana.
If you believe you are able to  pack a 25 lb horse ( some use suspenders) & available to travel for performances & be there for practices our contact # is:

Jolene & Ed Cummings:     503-759-4939,   EddieJoCu@aol.com
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